Flo'Rion is the first gravity-oriented trail opened at East Bluff Bike Park. Flow-tech is the style of this trail, which combines elements of flow trails such as berms and rollers, with technical sections punctuated by the natural rocky terrain of the bluff.

Trail Details

This pattern of flow trail interrupted by a handful of rocky roll-downs is common along the length of Flo'Rion. Less experienced riders will be challenged by the intermediate technicality of the roll-downs, while more experienced riders can catch some air on their way through. This trail is also characterized by a high average grade which leaves the rider with plenty of speed. How long can you go without grabbing the brakes?

Originating west of the driveway turnaround at the summit, Flo'Rion passes through a mix of forest types, including a stand of huge cedars close to the summit. As you Flo'down you'll catch fast glimpses of nearby Lake Superior. You'll find features like large rock drops, berms, and rock rolls before you exit to the future site of East Bluff Campground and end at the main driveway/return trail. 

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