Ryan Gile


Ryan Gile is one of the many folks we now employ from Grand Rapids MI, where he started riding bikes and working in bike shops; road biking and dirt jumps were his go-tos in early days. Having the fitness and jumping skills, he transitioned into mountain biking in his mid-20s and since has grown into a well-rounded MTB rider of all disciplines. If you ever see his Sprinter van’s door open you might see DJ, gravel, XC, and enduro bikes inside.  

Before he started working at Rock Solid in fall 2018, he was an auto tech transmission mechanic and service advisor for an auto dealership where he lived in Florida. Since working at Rock Solid he’s worked on projects like Little Sugar, Mt. Nebo phase 1, Centennial Park and Coler. He became foreman working in Copper Harbor, building at East Bluff and phase 1.5 of the Keweenaw Point Trail. His favorite riding style is flow with jumps and fun creative line choices built in, like the Garden Brook Trail in Copper Harbor. He enjoys building the same style trail by keeping the flow alive and making features where he can throw in a big moto whip with style.