Kaden Degenhardt


Kaden Degenhardt is originally from Fall Creek, WI where he attended high school. He accelerated in natural sciences and carpentry. This paired with a history of moto racing and backyard jump building led to his interest in trailbuilding. He started with Rock Solid two weeks after graduating high school in the Spring of 2020. Kaden is a quick learner motivated to ride his bike, he become a foreman just two years after starting at Rock Solid. 

Kaden got into mountain biking in 2017, it didn't take long for him to discover downhill riding, Kaden loves hitting big jumps, steep raw lines and freeriding Over the years he has volunteered hundreds of hours at Pinehurst Park, his local riding area where he learned the fundamentals of trail building, mountain biking and trail maintenance. He even built three new trails with local volunteers and a pump track at Pinehurst. 

Noteworthy projects he's been part of include Zone 4 climb trail, Arkansas (second operator), Splitrock Wilds, Minnesota (Handworker), Rock Solid Trail rebuild at Coler (Second Operator), Daisy Dukes, Copper Harbor rebuild (Foreman), Cuyuna (Handworker), Giants Ridge XC trails (Handworker), River Mountain, Little Rock (Handworker), Bailey's Trails, Ohio (Foreman).