Brandon Darkow

Lead Foreman

Brandon Darkow, originally from Birchwood WI, has a background oddly fitting to the Rock Solid resume. He has worked with and owned several different general construction and landscape companies for 15 years; and yes, he can ride a bike! Somewhere in there he also worked as a cook, running several of his own food businesses. Although we haven’t quite reaped the benefits of his cooking, he’s remained a steadfast employee since a hiatus from Rock Solid in 2017-2018. 

It all started when Brandon, who was living in Copper Harbor, started working with the Copper Harbor Trails Club and eventually connected with Rock Solid. He traveled around the northern midwest with Rock Solid until he went to Arkansas with Aaron for some of their first projects, including Copperhead Rd. at Coler and Ledges on The Back40. 

Since returning to Rock Solid in 2018, he has moved to Arkansas with his family full time, while retaining his northern spirit. He doesn’t yet consider himself an Arkansan. He’s worked mostly around Bentonville and Bella Vista on trails like Leapords Loop, Choo Choo and NW-A St. in Slaughter Pen; Mamma Bear at 8th St. Market; Little Sugar in Bella Vista. His crew has been specializing in the chip seal process making trails ‘all weather’ and sometimes glow! His favorite type of riding is technical slow rock downhills accessed by his Trek Powerfly Ebike.