Blu Tenbrink

Lead Foreman

Blu Tenbrink calls Marquette, MI his hometown, where you’ll find his favorite brewery, Black Rocks. He started seriously riding bikes in his mid 20’s; such as road, cyclocross, and cross country. He participated in small local races in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where his training for races was his work. 

When it comes to his work in construction, he’s a jack of all trades. Things like cabinetry, home construction, metal fabrication are just some of the trade professions under his hat. As you can imagine, this led naturally into trail building. 

He joined the Rock Solid team in winter 2017 on the very first project in Arkansas which was an important stepping stone to our Arkansas occupation. Blu became a foreman later in Spring 2018, where he worked on the Boo Boo and Choo Choo hub; ‘Blu’s Castle’ as we like to call it. 

From there he has built at well-known places like Mt. Nebo, Little Sugar, Split Rock Wilds and Centennial Park. Favorite trails he’s led on include the Butter Gap Trail in Pisgah National Forest; Bloodstone trail at Tioga Recreation Area; Orange Crush and Deep Water trails, Red Head MTB Park; and Raptor Ridge trail, Copper Harbor. Blu specialty trails often reflect his preferred riding style: technical and challenging single track requiring a level of brainpower and bike handling skills.