Chip-seal & Glow

Our innovative chip seal and glow trails are one-of-a-kind. Chip seal is our current solution for erosion on high use trails. This ensures the trail doesn’t change after weather events and rider use. To add an element of fun to the all weather trails, we can add glow-in-the-dark aggregate which becomes permanently encased within the tread. The trail glows during nighttime hours or when placed under a black light. For best results the area should be free from outside lights to let your eyes adjust to the dark, then the glow in the dark trail experience truly comes to life. The resulting trail is enjoyed by young riders and longtime enthusiasts alike. 

Example: Leopards Loop

Crushed Rock

A crushed rock or hard surface trail is ideal for a wide range of user groups, including nearly all types of cyclists (including adaptive cyclists), families and pedestrians. The crew at Rock Solid adapts the trails based on your terrain, but typically incorporates gently banked turns and frequent grade reversals to deliver a fun cycling experience.


SoilTac essentially is glue for holding together soil and was an experimental solution to mitigate erosion on certain trails in Arkansas. We refined a process and mixture to build trails incorporating SoilTac and other permeable materials. We found that SoilTac, being water soluble, is best used in more arid climates. This directly led to developing chip seal for climates with a higher annual rainfall. 


Concrete isn’t uncommon in the world of construction, but we took on its novel application into the trail building world—particularly when a more industrial scope is needed. For example, we made two 75’ concrete footers for precast tunnels to sit on, which will be used in the Fayetteville 2022 Cyclocross World Championships. Concrete is also used by us for footers for rock and steel structures, or to reinforce the longevity of rock work. 

Customized Excavators

Mini excavators were traditionally reserved only for jobs where larger machines could not access. This typically relegated them to small construction sites or jobs in confined spaces. These duties do not require sophisticated tools or dynamic bucket setups.

In the mid-2000's a trail building renaissance began, with trail builders exploring mechanical tools such as jack hammers and mini-excavators. Aaron Rogers, founder and CEO of Rock Solid, was at the forefront of this movement, with the construction of the Over the Edge Trail in Copper Harbor, MI. With his machine Aaron was able to achieve a level of trail building productivity and precision not possible in the region using traditional building techniques. Bigger features such as berms were now possible, and the use of jackhammers opened up new zones previously not possible to build through by hand. Trails like Overflow in Copper Harbor and the Mission Creek System in Duluth were realized, and Rock Solid was born.

These projects applied mini excavators in ways the manufacturer never envisioned. What once took the backseat to heavier machines, minis were now the stars of the jobsite, breaking trail across steep, exposed, and rocky terrain. However, this role placed new demands on the minis. Rock Solid quickly realized that these smaller machines would be more efficient and be able to construct more creative trails if more sophisticated set-ups were available, yet none were available on the market. Through the years, Rock Solid has worked with various partners to customize minis with hydraulic thumbs, tilt buckets, and quick release attachments. Rock Solid has also developed a welding system to harden buckets and teeth to reduce wear. 

Specialized Rock Tools

We've honed our craft over the years and our ability to work with stone. Rock Solid signature style of rock work comes from the ability to test and refine the tools and methods we use. We make durable and artistic rock armorings, retaining walls and features; or carve trails out of areas with bed rock. Our specialized and standard equipment includes:

Demo saw with rock cutting blade

Rock Hammer & chisel

Jack hammer (gas & electric)

Hydraulic breaker attachment (jackhammer) for Kubota excavators (U17s + U55s)

Hammer drill

Pins & feathers

Grip hoist

Rock sling

Micro Blasters