Flag Lines & Field Grade Checking

Flagging trail is the active step of following the concept lines (using GIS software) to place survey flagging on the ground for trail builders to follow during construction.

Flags are strips of hi-visibility survey tape—hung on branches or twigs at approximately eye level—that mark the centerline of the proposed trail. Flaggers use analog or digital clinometers to verify that the grade between flags and the average grade of the line follows the spirit of the trail index.

This is a critical step to ensure grades are appropriate to match the desired experience and difficulty level of the trail. Builders generally construct trails within 15-25' of the flag line following the predetermined grade.

Completely scouting each concept line is not feasible so flagging is the final opportunity for planners to consider on-the-ground conditions. The presence of large trees, boulders or other factors are not possible to consider remotely when determining trail alignments.

Signature Features

Incorporating Signature Features is a sure way to make a memorable experience.  This allows for a showcase feature to be on top of everybody's minds when they come to visit, and is a perfect photo opportunity.

These are a fun way to create community engagement and excitement around a trail!

Shown to your right is Ruby the Jump Truck, on Junk Drawer at Centennial Park. This truck was in the way of our ideal trail alignment, so we turned it into a feature! Riders can sign the glovebox and get their picture taken in the truck, a sure way to make lasting memories.

Campground Design

Rock Solid frequently constructs campsites in order to help integrate infrastructure into existing projects. These are a great compliment to bike park and trail projects, and add a community - based social experience. Sites can range from Rustic Tent sites, to "Glamping" camper cabins.

Integrating lodging, entertainment venues, and off-bike social experiences is our speciality.

To the side is Trails End Campground, which was Planned and Designed by Rock Solid, and Constructed in part by Rock Solid Trail Contracting in Copper Harbor, MI.