Passionate Riders and Skilled Craftsman

The Rock Solid fab team is capable of creating anything from simple bridges, ramps or handrails, to signature artistic features that make a destination memorable. By keeping fabrication in house, we ensure that our features blend seamlessly into their surrounding trail network. We know trails, our fabricators have trail building background and are passionate riders so each feature is engrained with the 'riders touch.'

Andy is our Lead Fabricator that facilitates all projects from start to finish. 

Meet Andy

Key Skill Sets

Some of the key skill sets to make these kinds of custom features possible include: 

  1. Full machine shop with welding, bending, pressing capabilities.
  2. Portable equipment for remote locations to fabricate features on-site.
  3. Personnel with expertise in the fields of CAD, bridge design and construction, structural and civil engineering.
  4. Ability to calculate the anticipated entry speeds, loads, exit speeds, and unique risks riders using the feature will be exposed to.

Risk Management

Risk management often can be overlooked. Managing the risk of a sport that is by nature ‘risky’ is absolutely vital for the landowners and the citizens that will be utilizing these facilities. We take all elements of safety into consideration from engineering to ride quality.