Committed to Excellence

Functional, exhilarating and steadfast; Rock Solid employs professional metal fabricators capable of creating anything from simple bridges, ramps or handrails, to signature artistic features that make a destination memorable. By keeping fabrication in house, we ensure that our features blend seamlessly into their surrounding trail network. Our fabricators are passionate riders and former trailbuilders, ingraining each feature with the 'riders touch.' 

Meet Andy

Key Skill Sets

To achieve this kind of execution requires a wide variety of skill sets that don’t exist together in other industries. Some of the key skill sets and experiences required to make these kinds of custom features possible include: 

  1. Machine shop with welding, bending, pressing capabilities
  2. Portable machine shop with welding, bending, and pressing capabilities for fabricating custom features on-site. These work sites are quite often deep into the woods of large state parks or similar properties, and often in very hard to reach places. Rock Solid developed a custom ‘one-of-a-kind’ welding rig that could be transported into inhospitable terrain utilizing off-road tracks from an all-terrain portable dumper.
  3. Trained personnel in the fields of CAD, fabrication, welding, wood working, rock artisanry (armoring and stacking), bridge design and construction, mountain bike trail design and construction.
  4. Highly skilled mountain bike planners and riders that understand and can calculate the anticipated entry speeds, loads, exit speeds, and unique risks riders using the feature will be exposed to. This is akin to the design and construction of roller coasters, except that Rock Solid is capable of executing the design and construction of features in remote, rugged, and highly unstable terrain. 

Safely Managing Risk

While a variety of the skills mentioned above are not unique on their own, it is the combination of all these skill sets together that have to be present to execute these types of specialty features. Without all of these skillsets together, the most vital of all steps, risk management, can be quite often overlooked. Managing the risk of a sport venue that is by nature ‘risky’ is absolutely vital for the landowners and the citizens that will be utilizing these facilities.