Bringing Trails to Life

We know that most trail ideas initially seem far-fetched and figuring out how to get the wheel rolling is daunting. Our team of planners is here to help guide you through the process. We begin with a consultation meeting to discuss your project goals and needs.

Are you looking for a family-friendly or an advanced trail for the more experienced rider? What does your landscape look like? What hurdles can we expect to encounter?

In our discussion we will cover site and project feasibility assessments. We will also talk about project scope development and review budgets and timelines. We can help collect public feedback and obtain the proper permits. Our goal is to develop a vast understanding of your needs.

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Trail Systems & Networks

Rapid development of trail systems requires planning to ensure the trail construction reflects the needs and desires of the community. We spend the time to analyze each project area to identify its signature elements, then craft a trail plan which visits these locations while delivering the riding experiences desired by the local community.

Sometimes there are multiple types of trail users utilizing an area. What if equestrians want to build a corral and mountain bikers want to have a bike wash? No problem; we will find the solution. Addressing these concerns in the planning process minimizes future conflicts.

Undertaking planning at the system or network level allows us to ensure that trails are of appropriate difficulty level for the terrain they are sited in, which creates a more authentic interaction with the landscape. We will work hand-in-hand with you to develop a trail system that is appropriate for your community.

Urban Trails

Some riding facilities—such as urban trails—require more than a flagged alignment for approval, permitting, and construction. City governments usually have a different set of requirements. Rock Solid can facilitate in the development of construction documents with a high level of accuracy. This level of design allows us to provide lifelike renderings and visualizations for any approval and fundraising needs.

Bike Parks

Bike Park building is booming worldwide. A modern bike park can bring riders from across the nation, and a properly designed park will bring tourist dollars to your community for years to come. We will assess the terrain and design a layout that will connect beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails in a compatible way.

Properly built features and jump lines with the correct angles and spacing require expertise in construction. With years of experience, we bring thousands of hours of on-the-ground trail building know-how to the table.

We have planned, designed, and constructed East Bluff Bike Park and Campground in Copper Harbor, MI.  This is a community investment, and proof of concept.

East Bluff Bike Park



Pump Tracks & Skill Zones

A world class trail network blends multiple riding styles or trails into a seamless experience. Incorporating a pump track or skill zone adds a social riding dynamic often missing from traditional single track.

Mountain biking has been advancing rapidly in the last decade. The bikes have evolved and so have the riders. Teaching and practicing fundamentals is essential, and pump tracks and skill zones are key components to this process. They are also a heck of a lot of fun to ride.

Pump tracks take proper knowledge of “flow” to build a course that is enjoyable. Some courses incorporate a kid-friendly design while others push the limits of advanced riders. Skill zones are progressive features that help riders advance. They can be designed to blend into the local environment or constructed with instruction in mind.

Pump tracks and skill zones are often popular as family gathering spaces, warm-up areas, or as informal places to ride if they are located near lodging or camping facilities. With our knowledge, we can design and build pump tracks and skill zones that fit your establishment or community concerns. 

We can construct a skills park or pump track out of a variety of materials, such as dirt, chip seal, rock, and wood.

Mapping & Spatial Analysis

Rock Solid harnesses “The Science of Where” by applying a host of ESRI software platforms to develop high resolution topographic maps of each project area. These maps are used to identify challenges and opportunities within the project which will need careful consideration, which is a critical part of the planning process. This software is also used to produce high quality maps of completed trail systems, suitable to produce poster-size trailhead kiosk maps, small trailside map posts, or paper brochures.


Rock Solid also utilizes cutting edge UAV Photogrammetry technology. This allows us to produce a ultra-precise 3D model of the project area for engineers to build features, or to help understand the terrain and the challenges we might face along the way.