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We work hard to foster a team/family like community of employees at Rock Solid. Rock Solid typically receives job applicants coming from a wide range of educational and employment experiences. Of course, we value previous employment, military service, trail building and/or machine operation experience to foster a culture of respect on the job site. That said, our typical job openings are at the entry level position. We have many successful employees that come from a variety of backgrounds who have joined as entry level hard workers. Are you still interested?*
Rock Solid has two primary build territories. We spend the summer months building in the Lake Superior Region (MN, WI, MI) with a headquarters facility in Copper Harbor, MI (our hometown). During the winter months we operate in the Oz Region of northwest AR in Bentonville, AR. Rock Solid typically provides free housing (private room with shared common spaces such as kitchen, bathroom) or a monthly housing stipend for your own accommodations. Are you still interested?
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