Durability Delivered

Our personnel have extensive knowledge of soils, hydrology, rock formations, and vegetation helping us to create the best, most durable trails possible with local materials. Aaron Rogers, owner and president, has helped to shape the trail building revolution in the Midwest with his unique vision and building techniques. As a former employee of the International Mountain Bicycling Association he helped define today's industry standards. 

Trail building isn't an exact science that can be put fully into construction documents. Due to this, there is a wide variation between trail contractors as what is considered an acceptable trail. Rock Solid builds the best trails for the best prices. If other contractors beat our prices it’s because they’re not building to the same standards that Rock Solid has created. When you choose Rock Solid, you’re getting the best product available.   

Professional Experience

We specialize in building out destination quality trail systems under short timelines. Our large employee roster allows us to assign multiple, trained builders to each project. This allows Rock Solid to build out large projects in a single build season each having a unique character. When we have the opportunity to return to a region for multiple years, our trail systems blend together to form networks which truly transform and define the communities they are a part of.

MT Nebo



Community Growth

World class trail systems and networks define their community. From Cuyuna, Minnesota to Bentonville, Arkansas, a diverse set of communities have been transformed. Mountain bike tourists have revitalized mining towns in Minnesota. Eureka Springs, AR is no longer a seasonal destination. Soccer minivans have been replaced by pickup-trucks with tailgate pads hauling families of bikes in suburban NW Arkansas.

The results our trails have on their community are tangible and often they become a source of local pride. Bentonville is proudly the "MTB Capital of the World", due in part to Rock Solid's dedicated years of work to improving the biking infrastructure and it's relationship with the surrounding community.