USDOT Registered Fleet

A USDOT registration number provides a means to identify our fleet vehicles. This identification is useful when completing safety audits and providing accountability to the motoring public.

USFS Certified Sawyer Training

To ensure our employees have the proper training, Rock Solid hosted a certified chainsaw certification program for its employees in 2020. We plan to hold this course annually to provide new employees with safety training, and so existing employees can refine their skills.

Fully Insured & Licensed

Fully licensed in MI, MN, WI, and AR. 

Certified Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
(SWPPP Inspectors)

We take erosion control seriously. We prefer to revegetate with cover crops or native seed, but take the extra step to place erosion control blankets or erosion control logs when called for.

In-House Planning, Mapping, & Feature Fabrication Company

Proper planning is critical to build world class trails. Our in-house planning professionals will help bring your ideas to shovel ready projects our builders will knock out of the park. Our in-house fabrication team can bring custom signature bridges or other metal work to your project.

Home Base

While we started the business in Michigan,
we have expanded to two home bases. 

P.O. Box 139
Copper Harbor, MI 49918

Bentonville, AR

We maintain a shop in each of our home base regions to ensure we can continually "wow" our clients and future riders with unique features. 


We've honed our craft over the years and continually update our equipment to state-of-the-art to ensure we are building the best trails with the best equipment. Our standard equipment includes: 

  1. Hand tools like the Mcleod, fine rake, pick mattock, cut mattock, pulaski, sledge hammer, transfer shovel, loppers and root snips.
  2. Small engine tools like the Chain saw, CanyCom, plate compactor, demo saw and jack hammer.
  3. Heavy equipment like Kubota mini excavators and skid steers.